If We Knew Then What We Know Now – Technology-Driven Tactics for Teaching CPR

CPR training technology has advanced to levels of measurement, assessment, and feedback that were just being envisioned a decade ago. Have you ever imagined how different CPR training would have been if practitioners were able to train the way they can now?   

Mindset, attitude, performance, and training come together to define patient outcomes and survival rates. Watch Laerdal’s most recent Virtual SUN where we talk with Mike Helbock, who sits on the faculty at the world-renowned Resuscitation Academy in Seattle, Washington. Learn how you can leverage today’s teaching technology to truly practice how you perform. 

Understand how: 

  • Mindset, attitude, performance, and training help define patient outcomes 
  • A team of experts doesn’t always mean they will perform expertly
  • Managing cardiac arrests allow agencies to measure their overall performance 
  • A cardiac arrest code and/or scenario is one of the only codes that can be measured, evaluated, and offered for remediation back to the providers 
  • Measurement, Assessment and Feedback in Training can positively impact survival 
  • Chest Compression Fraction impacts patient outcomes 
  • Critical it is that you develop a feedback loop that puts the performance metrics back into the hands of the people who are doing the work 
  • Post-event analytics help create a culture of excellence 
  • You can identify inefficient moves or pauses that can be eliminated to build efficiency 


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