The Latest Science on Head Up CPR and its Neuroprotective Potential

Dr. Johanna Moore (Hennepin County Medical Center) presented a study on January 14, 2022, at the National Association of EMS Physicians titled “Novel Neuro-Protective CPR Strategy to Enhance Neurologically-Intact Survival for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients.”

  • The Head Up CPR based bundle of care - termed Neuroprotective CPR - includes automated Head Up /Thorax Up positioning using the EleGARD Patient Positioning System, active compression decompression CPR or automated suction-cup based CPR, and an impedance threshold device. 
  • The study compared outcomes of patients treated with a Neuroprotective CPR bundle of care to conventional CPR control subject data obtained from three large published out-of-hospital cardiac arrest randomized controlled trials from high-performing pre-hospital systems. 
  • The observational study found that compared with propensity score matched well-performed traditional CPR, Neuroprotective CPR was associated with marked improvements in neurologically-sound survival after OHCA, regardless of presenting rhythm.

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