Staying Strong by Understanding Health and Wellness of EMS Personnel

With a focus on EMS provider health and wellness, the National Registry’s Research team recently presented at the National Association of EMS Physicians annual conference in San Diego. From left to right: Dr. Ashish R. Panchal (Research and Fellowship Director), Bill Seifarth (Executive Director), Jonathan Powell (EMS Research Scholar) and Mark Terry (Chief Certification Officer).

EMS personnel face a multitude of risks every day. However, two of the largest are not well addressed by an industry that continues to experience unprecedented work-related burnout. 

“Mental health and cardiovascular health are huge risks facing the EMS industry, and COVID-19 has presented further challenges,” said Ashish R. Panchal, MD, Ph.D., Research and Fellowship Director. “The goal of the National Registry’s Research Department is to bring attention and understanding to these risks so that we can begin to build intervention strategies.” 

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is well-situated, both professionally and geographically, to positively impact the overall health and well-being of EMS personnel. As the nation’s EMS certification organization coupled with our strong partnership with neighboring Ohio State University, the National Registry is making an important investment in research to better understand, shape, and inform our providers' future health, safety, and behavior. 

“Our goal is for the important work of our research team to make a positive impact on everyone in EMS,” said Bill Seifarth, Executive Director. “We can help discover the necessary enhancements and changes in the profession.” 

The Research Department recently presented seven research posters and conducted three oral presentations at the National Association of EMS Physicians annual conference in San Diego. One of the oral presentations was awarded Best EMS Professional Research Presentation – a testament to the commitment of the team and value of the research in bringing improved health. 

You can learn more about the National Registry’s Research Department and check out a sample of the team’s publications and presentations here.